Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Retro Xmas! DIY Light-Up House Ornaments

Growing up in the early 1960s, we had a mid-century Christmas ornament set of miniature houses, delicately dusted with glitter snow, that would light up from the inside when tree lights were inserted. Resting on a pillow of glass "angel hair," or hung on the branches of a tinsel-strewn pine tree, I would stare at them obsessively like a pajama-clad Gulliver. Now you can craft your very own retro Xmas versions, pictured above, in either "butterfly roof" Alexander home style or traditional cottage style. Just print out Swank's free design template (includes pre-decorated and blank versions for advanced crafters). Paste onto thin card stock. Cut out, score, and fold. Decorate with colored tissue paper behind cut-out windows and doors. Use a pin to punch light holes onto trees and cactii. Glue together onto base, add roof and chimney. Add liberal sprinklings of clear glitter or micro glass beads to the exterior. Gently push Xmas light through the hole in back. Gloria in Excelsis! -- the Little Dreamer Boy